Revoking of domain names[Link]


Registrants are expected to respect the general Terms and Conditions of DNS Belgium. One of the essential obligations concerns the notification of correct data during the registration of a domain name.

Third parties should always be able to execute their rights regarding a certain domain name. In this case, they should always be able to contact the registrant concerned. Therefore, it is essential for both registrars and DNS Belgium that potential disputes between concerned parties can be settled.

DNS Belgium starts the revoke procedure:

  • When we encounter wrong data after receiving a complaint from a third party about a registrant that cannot be contacted.

  • When we encounter wrong data while doing random checks on the historical database.

  • When we receive information about a phishing domain name or fast flux networks and the domain name contains wrong data. In this case, the nameservers connected to the domain name will immediately be removed to safeguard the .be space.

In case of breach of other obligations of the terms and conditions, DNS Belgium will need to follow a different approach. In first instance, DNS Belgium needs to verify whether it is competent or not to determine that a breach occurred.

Example: somebody complains about the illegal content of a website linked with a domain and asks DNS Belgium to intervene and to revoke the domain. Indeed, being responsible for illegal web content could also mean an infringement on the terms and conditions. However, DNS Belgium is not competent to determine whether the content of a website is of illegal nature or not. This is reserved for competent judicial bodies (police and justice). When DNS Belgium is informed a competent legal body has ruled the content of a site linked with a .be domain is of illegal nature, then DNS Belgium could start the infringement procedure against the registrant and possibly revoke the domain.

In cases where DNS Belgium has no direct competence, it can only intervene in second place, once competent bodies have ruled over any prejudicial matters.

Revoke procedure[Link]

1. We notice that a domain name has incorrect or incomplete registrant details[Link]

We send a mail to the registrant and to you as the registrar

The registrant is given 14 days to amend his/her details.


In case of phishing or malware on the domain name, we immediately execute step 3 as well.

2. After 7 days[Link]

We send a mail to the legal contact of the registrar as a reminder that the name servers will be deleted within 7 days if the registrant does not take action:

3. After 14 days[Link]

If the data have not been updated, we remove the name servers so that the domain name will no longer work. You receive a notification:

The registrant has another 14 days to react and amend his details.

4. After a further 14 days[Link]

If the data is still not updated, we revoke the domain name and put it in quarantine. You receive a notification:

WHOIS details updated?[Link]

At any time during this procedure, if the registrant modifies his details and they are correct, we send a mail to the registrant and the registrar to inform them that the domain name has been reactivated.