Some of our registrars work with resellers to offer .be domain names. DNS Belgium wants to offer the possibility to link a reseller to a domain name. This gives more transparancy on which organisation/company actually manages the domain name.

For registrants, this has multiple benefits:

  • DNS Belgium publishes the reseller on WHOIS, so it is less confusing who to contact in case of problems (bounce mail, abuse, quarantaine, etc.).

  • DNS Belgium can provide better support towards registrants, because we can send them to the reseller instead of the registrar, who they are not familiar with.

We have implemented reseller metadata using the organisation extension described in the following RFC’s:

We have only implemented the minimum needs to link resellers to domain names.


This extension is only available via EPP. The reseller can’t be created or seen on My registrations.

The implementation of the organisation extension is limited to the reseller role, organisation name and organisation website. DNS Belgium doesn’t require more information and any extra information provided by the registrar will be ignored.

The commands needed to manage resellers are listed in our EPP section:

To link a reseller to a domain name, you can use the update domain command. For examples, see Update domain and Info domain.

Visibility of resellers[Link]

When a registrar links a reseller to a domain name, DNS Belgium will make this visible in the Command-line WHOIS and in the Web-based WHOIS.

The registrant will also see his reseller instead of his registrar when he requests a transfer code, registration certificate or variants for his domain name.