Pollution of the .be database and abuse of the registration system[Link]

DNS Belgium monitors its registration system constantly. If we notice any behaviour which causes pollution of the .be database or hinders the services provided by DNS Belgium, we will take measures to mitigate this behaviour. In the first instance we will contact the registrar for an explanation when there’s no evidence the behaviour is intentional. If we don’t receive a reply within an appropriate time, DNS Belgium reserves the right to temporarily block the registrar until the situation is resolved.

Examples of pollution and/or abuse are:

  • Unnecessary creation of contacts.

  • Unnecessary updates of domain names.

  • Unusual repetitive transactions.

DNS Belgium will also clean up unused contacts regularly. This is to keep our database clean as well as to comply with GDPR regulations. The following contacts are cleaned up:

  • all contacts that have never been used and have been in the system for at least one year, will be removed.

  • all contacts which have been used in the past but were not linked to an active registration in the last 10 years, will also be removed.

Every time one of your contacts is removed, you will be notified via EPP poll or CPS e-mail (depending on your settings).