Registrar services[Link]

We have 2 systems for registrars to register and manage .be domain names. These systems are more or less equivalent.

A Web Interface[Link]

In the Web Interface, you will enter into an interactive application in which you are requested to enter all required data for the transaction into the corresponding data fields. Hitting the submit button will send your request to the DNS Belgium system, where it will be handled and the result will be presented to you on screen.

A synchronous (EPP-based) Interface[Link]

The EPP-based synchronous interface offers an XML-based request/response interface that is suited for automatisation. This way a registrar can build a web interface that directly communicates with the EPP interface of DNS Belgium and offer an immediate registration facility for his customers.

Although we have tried to offer the same functions in both interfaces, due to the specific nature of each interface, one may have some more and/or different features than the other.