Starting as a registrar[Link]

Upon becoming a registrar you receive the following information:

  • A Registrar ID: a unique code that will identify you as a registrar.

  • A Security Code: a sequence of numbers you need to enter into the secured password transaction. It consists of 12 digits in 3 groups, e.g.: 1234-5678-4321. (This information is sent to you by regular mail)

  • An Activation Code: a sequence of characters that complements the security code, it consists of 8 characters in 2 groups, e.g. abc1-23de. (This part is sent by e-mail)

The first thing you need to do as a registrar is to create your own Web password and EPP password. You can do this by activating your account.

  • Password: this will be used to let you enter the secured website.

  • EPP password: this is used to authenticate to the EPP server.

Once you have entered your security code and your activation code together with your registrar ID, the activation code becomes obsolete and you will not be able to re-execute this transaction.

Now you can log in to the registrar website using 2-step verification.

After your first login, you should update your registrar profile.