Update the details of your domain name within 14 days[Link]

Purpose: To inform the Registrant that their WHOIS data is incorrect and should be updated.
Background: According to the Terms and conditions for .be domain names, all address information and the e-mail address of the registrant should be correct and accurate and should belong to the registrant.
Language: Language indicated in Registrant contact.

From: Registry
To: Registrant
Subject: Pas de gegevens van je domeinnaam aan binnen de 14 dagen / Modifiez les données de votre nom de domaine dans les 15 jours / Update the details of your domain name within 14 days


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Dear domain name holder,

You receive this message from DNS Belgium because you have a .be domain name. DNS Belgium vzw manages all .be domain names. More information about us is available on: https://www.dnsbelgium.be.

Your contact data are not complete or correct:

Domain name | Incorrect / incomplete data | Registrar

exampledomainname.be | Name, Organisation, Address, Telephone number, Email address, Vat number | ExampleRegistrarCompanyName

How can you update your contact data?
• Contact your registrar or hosting company.
• Request an update of your contact data or update the data yourself if you have access to the customer zone.
• Later, check whether this update has come through on our website www.dnsbelgium.be.
	o Enter your domain name under the “Verify details” tab.
	o Click “Show details”.
	o Are you a private person? Click “Request registration certificate”.


If you don't update these details with 14 days, your domain name will no longer work.
If you don’t react after another 14 days, we will revoke the domain name/domain names. Reactivating your domain name is a lot more expe
nsive than a regular registration.

For information purposes:

Article 5 of our general terms and conditions determines that the registrant (domain name holder) must provide a working e-mail address.

Article 8 of our general terms and conditions determines that the contact data belonging to a domain name, must be correct:
• A 1: the registrant guarantees that all statements made during the registration process and the term of the registration are complete and accurate.
• A 6: the domain name is not registered with contact data the goal of which is to shield the real owner's identity.

Questions on this topic? Contact your registrar or hosting company.

Kind regards,

DNS Belgium

DNS Belgium vzw/asbl
Ubicenter • Philipssite 5, bus 13 • 3001 Leuven
+32 16 28 49 70