Domain name life cycle[Link]

Normal life cycle[Link]

This image shows a normal domain life cycle. A registrar can change the life cycle by executing certain transactions on the domain name.

.be domain lifecycle

In the normal life cycle, a domain name can be in one of three states:

  • AVAILABLE: Domain name is available for registration.

  • REGISTERED: Domain name is in use, therefore not available for registration; the registrar manages the domain.

  • QUARANTINE: When a domain is deleted, the domain name will go into a quarantine period of 40 days. A domain in quarantine is not available for registration. It can only be reactivated or transferred from quarantine.

The following transactions have an impact on the life cycle of a domain name:

  • Create: When a domain name is created, it enters the REGISTERED state.

  • Delete: When a domain name is deleted, it goes into QUARANTINE.

  • Renew: .be domain names are automatically renewed, no action from the registrar is needed.

  • Transfer: A domain name can be transferred to another registrant and/of registrar.

  • Reactivate: The registrar responsible for the domain name can reactivate it from quarantine.

  • Transfer from quarantine: Any registrar can transfer a domain name from quarantine to his account.

Special life cycle[Link]

DNS Belgium can make changes to the domain life cycle as a result of special circumstances.

.be transfer procedure

Two special states are added to the life cycle:

  • OUT OF SERVICE: This is an exception of REGISTERED. It means the domain name’s registrar stopped (due to failure or termination of its contract) and the domain name’s due date has passed. The registrant must transfer its domain to a new registrar within 2 months before the domain name becomes AVAILABLE.

  • ON HOLD: This is an exception of REGISTERED, this means an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution, i.e., in Cepani) procedure or lawsuit is pending. This has no implication to the outside world because the domain stays active. However, only the commands ‘delete-domain’, ‘undo-delete-domain’, ‘update-domain’ (no registrant update), ‘reactivate-domain’ will be usable. This allows the registrar to handle the domain according to its needs. If a domain name is deleted, the quarantine period of 40 days starts running from the moment the ‘ON HOLD’ flag is removed.

These states and their occurrance are further explained on our Public website.

When a domain name does not meet the requirements, this status is returned:

  • NOT VALID: The domain name does not meet the requirements as specified in our End Terms and Conditions, e.g. the domain name requested is longer than 63 characters.