Monitored update[Link]

In some cases, you might wish to make changes to the identity of the registrant, even though there is no change of ownership. In that case, a transfer transaction would not be opportune.

Which cases are we talking about?[Link]

  • A company changes its name (the company registration number doesn’t change)

  • There is a typo or omission in the name of a private person or company

  • Any change which does not involve a legal change of ownership

For these cases, DNS Belgium provides the ‘Monitored Update’ transaction.

What is the procedure for a ‘Monitored Update’?[Link]

  • The registrar sends an e-mail to indicating:

    • The contact alias and changes involved

    • request for authorisation of a monitored update

    • any evidence/supporting documents to back up the update, such as a PDF file of the ex-tract from the ‘Belgisch staatsblad (Moniteur Belge)’ or the ‘Kruispuntbank (Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises)’, or an URL link to the online publication in the ‘Belgisch staatsblad’ or other sources.

  • The legal department of DNS Belgium checks the request. If the justifications are sufficient, the contact person in question (registrant) is flagged in the internal application so that a “Monitored Update” can be implemented. The registrar is notified by an automated message which can be retrieved via EPP Poll or he will receive a CPS e-mail.

  • The registrar has to implement the required update within 7 calendar days.

  • DNS Belgium verifies the update. If there are no problems (i.e. the update complies with what has been requested by the registrar and permitted in accordance with the supporting documents provided), the update is confirmed and the modifications implemented. When that happens, the changes also become visible via WHOIS and the registrar receives an e-mail via the internal application, confirming the “Monitored Update” has been carried out. However, if there is a problem, the registrar receives a message to say the requested “Monitored Update” cannot be carried out. In which case the “initial” data remains visible via WHOIS.

Note: The update that should be carried out is an update of the contact. See update contact in My registrations or update contact in EPP for more info.