.be name servers and zonefile generation[Link]

The main objective of DNS Belgium is to manage the .be zone file. This zone-file is hosted on our primary name server. To secure the working of the dns service and for load balancing reasons DNS Belgium has set up several secondary name servers. For an accurate list of these servers we refer to the Services section on our website.

Our zone file is generated about every 15 minutes. We perform several checks before and after the signing of the zone file, so each zone file generation takes several minutes. Any change to a domain name will be published in the zone file within 30 minutes.

The serial number of the SOA record for the .be zone is incremented by 1 in each zone file generation.

Valid ipv6 addresses[Link]

You can use IPv6 addresses as glue for your name servers. DNS Belgium validates IPv6 addresses according to IPv6 address types as defined by RIPE.

Only one eighth of the total address space is currently allocated for use on the Internet: 2000::/3. These are the only IPv6 addresses accepted by us. More information about the allocation of IPv6 address space can be found on the ICANN website.