Financial and account information[Link]


These are the fees for the different transactions charged to the registrars in case of a .be domain name:

  • € 4,00 (excl. VAT) for:

    • the registration of a new name.

    • the yearly renewal fee for continued use of a domain name.

    • the transfer to another registrar.

    • the transfer to another registrant.

  • A ‘Monitored Update’ is without charge.

  • For the reactivation of a domain name in quarantine, registrars are charged € 10,00 (excl. VAT).

  • The transfer of a domain name in quarantine is charged € 40,00 (excl. VAT).

  • The activation of the Domain Shield service is without charge.

  • The activation of the Domain Guard service amounts to € 80,00 VAT excl. per year. This fee in-cludes 4 temporary deactivations of Domain Guard per year.

  • Domain name renewal and Domain Guard will not necessarily be mentioned on the same invoice. For a domain name registered in February, and protected by Domain Guard from August, the renewal will be invoiced yearly at the end of February and Domain Guard on the August invoice.

Clarifications about the payment terms[Link]

Here are some clarifications about the payment system used by DNS Belgium (see Registrar Contract, art 3.2):

  1. At the signing of the registrar agreement DNS Belgium asks the registrar to indicate the amount allowing registrations for about a month. (This was decided upon request of most registrars who find it difficult to make payments without having received an invoice). A minimum of 2500 € (excl. VAT) was defined. This amount can be used to register domain names.

  2. Every month, DNS Belgium generates an electronic invoice for the paying transactions during the previous month and for the domain names that passed the one-year right of use period (and were automatically renewed) during that month. The agreement further mentions: “The monthly invoices will be set off against the remaining credit of the registrar’s advance”. This means the renewal fees are deducted from the remaining balance in the registrar’s account at the moment of invoicing (the new registrations were already taken into account at the moment of registration). This does not mean (as is often interpreted) the invoice will be reduced with the remaining balance of the pre-payment amount!

  3. Invoices are payable within 30 days.

Paying the invoice will bring your DNS Belgium account back to the level of the chosen pre-payment amount. This again allows you, if you have selected the appropriate pre-payment amount, to register for another month at your normal volume of registrations.

Account status[Link]

You can check your account status and prepayment level easily on our Registrar Web Interface. The information is shown in the top right corner. As explained above, a registrar starts with 0 EUR on its account. This account can lower till the ‘negative’ prepayment level is reached, in this case: - 3025 EUR (2500 EUR + 21% VAT). Once this ‘negative’ prepayment level is surpassed, your account will be blocked. From then on it will no longer be possible to create or transfer domain names. Automatic renewals will still work, so that existing domain names and their registrants are not affected. Your account will be automatically unblocked once payment(s) are registered in the system that increase the account status above the ‘negative’ prepayment level.

Note: If you pay your invoices per SEPA Direct Debit, your account will never be blocked once the ‘negative’ prepayment level is surpassed.

Automatic payments (SEPA Direct Debit)[Link]

It is possible to pay your invoices using SEPA Direct Debit (European accounts). To activate it, you can send a mail to our Support staff. DNS Belgium will request some details in order to send you a mandate that you can sign electronically. When the mandate is signed, SEPA is activated and payment for your future invoices will be transferred from your bank account to DNS Belgium automatically.

You can revoke the SEPA mandate at any time with a mail to our Support staff. The mandate will be withdrawn, and no more automatic payments will be deducted from your bank account. You will have to do manual payments instead.


When the available money of a registrar passes under certain watermark levels, a message (EPP poll or CPS e-mail) is sent to the automated e-mail address of the registrar. A mail is also sent to the billing contact e-mail address, informing the registrar of this situation. The available money is the sum of the account status and the prepayment. Current watermark levels are: 10.000, 7.500, 5000, 2501, 1250, 625 and 250 EUR. At those times, it is probably advisable to check if all your invoices have been paid. If you pay your bills automatically per SEPA Direct Debit, you won’t receive these mails.


Via ‘My Registrations’, you can check your current account status level at all times.

Quota check[Link]

As explained in our ‘Registrar Contract, art 3.1’, the registrar is required to reach its annual turnover threshold (quota) between 1 January and 31 December. Registrars who start up, won’t have their quota checked in the first incomplete period before 1 January. The total units you have on your account is represented by the ‘virtual counter’. The virtual domain counter is increased:

  • +1 for every new registration, every reactivation and every incoming transfer carried out;

  • + number of renewals, for every monthly invoicing,

  • + number of domains in portfolio, for a take-over of a portfolio.

At the end of the one-year-term, the registrar will receive a service invoice if he does not achieve the quota. The service invoice will amount to the remainder of the yearly quota fee owed to DNS Belgium.

E.g. Our yearly required quota is currently 250. If your virtual counter is 150 at the end of the year, you will receive an invoice corresponding to 100 units at the current price of a new domain name. In 2016 that would be 100*4=400 euro (excl. vat).


If you want to avoid this service invoice, please check your virtual counter and take appropriate action in time!

You can check your quota via the Registrar Web Interface.


When the e-invoice is made available via the website, an e-mail is sent to the registrar billing contact. To allow easy access to the specific document a direct link to the e-invoice is also available. This means that for a first access, the billing contact does not need to provide credentials.

Example: Invoice mail (en)[Link]

Subject: Invoice DNS BE ready for download

Dear registrar,

We would like to inform you that we have generated the invoice of the previous month.

You can download the pdf-file directly on the following link:

You can download the xml-file directly on the following link:

If you need more information on this subject, please contact us.

You want to save time and pay your monthly .be invoices via SEPA Direct Debit? Let us know!

Kind regards,

DNS Belgium team

DNS Belgium vzw/asbl
Ubicenter • Philipssite 5, bus 13 • 3001 Leuven
+32 16 28 49 70

Example: Invoice mail (nl)[Link]

Subject: Factuur DNS BE nu downloadbaar

Beste registrar,

Hierbij delen wij u mee dat wij de factuur van vorige maand gegenereerd hebben.

U kan de pdf-versie rechtstreeks downloaden via de volgende link:

U kan de xml-versie rechtstreeks downloaden via de volgende link:

Indien u hierover meer informatie wenst, aarzel dan niet ons te contacteren.

Wil u tijd winnen en uw maandelijkse .be-facturen via domiciliëring betalen? Laat het ons weten!

Met vriendelijke groeten,

DNS Belgium-team

DNS Belgium vzw/asbl
Ubicenter • Philipssite 5, bus 13 • 3001 Leuven
+32 16 28 49 70

Example: Invoice mail (fr)[Link]

Subject: Facture DNS BE prête pour être téléchargée

Cher agent d'enregistrement,

Nous tenons à vous informer que la facture du mois précédent a été générée.

Le fichier pdf peut être téléchargé directement en utilisant le lien suivant:

Le fichier xml peut être téléchargé directement en utilisant le lien suivant:

Si vous désirez de plus amples informations à ce sujet, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

Vous voulez gagner du temps en payant vos factures .be mensuelles par domiciliation SEPA ? Faites-le nous savoir.

Bien à vous,

Equipe DNS Belgium

DNS Belgium vzw/asbl
Ubicenter • Philipssite 5, bus 13 • 3001 Leuven
+32 16 28 49 70


More information about your payments and invoices can be found on the Registrar Web Interface.