.be Registrar Reports[Link]

General Introduction[Link]

We created the .be Registrar Report to inform our accredited registrars on both their performance and quality as a registrar. Registrars can use the information in this report to benchmark against others or for internal reporting. The metrics are presented in a visual format. Do you want more details? Please check our raw data files.

Today, you already see a star-based rating system for some metrics. You can easily find out your current performance: 3 stars indicate a maximum score, 0 stars show an underperformance. In the future, we’ll implement a reward mechanism to acknowledge the best performing registrars in terms of security and services. In the long run, you will therefore benefit from checking your score and maybe taking some action to improve it.

Questions or feedback on the .be Registrar Report are welcome at support@dnsbelgium.be


Most reports allow you to measure yourself against certain groups. These groups are tentatively set to top 10, top 50, all of the registrars or the registrar category to which you belong. The registrar category is based on the RRDG Registrar Business Models classification and was determined by you or by us in the past. If you feel that this is not correct, please contact us. We can adjust this in the following reports.

A benchmark group is considered 1 large, virtual registrar. This means that when we e.g., consider the ratio of a metric to the total number of domain names, for the benchmark group we divide the sum of the metric by the sum of the total number of domain names in that group. This gives a slightly different result than taking the averages of that ratio but it is more correct: averages make the smaller registrars weigh too heavily.


When a total number of domain names under management is considered in a report, we always try to approach this as closely as possible without making the calculation too complicated. For example: when we consider the ratio of a metric to the number of domain names per month, we take the number of domain names at the end of the month. When we compare something on a quarterly basis, we take the total number of domain names at the end of the quarter.


On some topics you will be assigned a score. The score awarded ranges from 0 to 3 stars, with 3 stars being the highest score. A score is the result of a calculation on your data. Depending on what limits the result falls within, you will be assigned 0, 1, 2 or 3 stars. The boundaries were carefully chosen by us and should remain fairly stable. The boundary in the middle, between 1 and 2 stars is often based on an average value of the entire registrar population and should in principle be relatively easy to achieve.

Your score is also benchmarked against your category. The benchmark score is the average of all scores in your category. Note that this differs from the benchmark calculations you will find other than the ones of your score.

Raw/source data[Link]

The data on which these reports are based are available on My Registrations. You can always download the data yourself and create different reports, recalculate this report, zoom deeper into the data or combine the data with your own sources.

For more information, take a look at the raw data page.


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