A transfer is used to change the registrar and/or registrant of a domain name. There are 2 types of transfers that can be done for a .be domain:

  1. change registrar/registrant.

  2. change registrar/registrant of a domain in quarantine (transfer from quarantine).

Please refer to the complete procedure to follow.

Request code[Link]

Before you can start a transfer, you need to request the transfer authorisation code for the domain name.

Request a transfer authorisation code

To request a transfer authorisation code:

  • Click on ‘Transfers’ in the left menu.

  • Click on ‘Request code’.


  • Click on ‘Domain names’.

  • Click on ‘Availability’.

  • Enter the domain name you want to transfer.

  • Click ‘Check availability’.

  • If the domain name is transferable, you will have a ‘Request code’ button below the result.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Enter the domain name for which you wish to get an authorisation code. You can also enter a URL to guide your customer to the appropriate page on your website. This URL will be included in the e-mail with the transfer authorisation code sent to the registrant.

After submitting, you will see the result page indicating an authorisation code has been sent.

Possible error messages are:

  • domain [$domain] has invalid status (serverTransferProhibited) [HITPOINT]

  • domain [$domain] has invalid status [HITPOINT]

  • URL should start with ‘http://’ or ‘https://

  • URL is too long (max 500 characters)

  • 4 e-mails were already sent to this registrant for this authorisation code.


When you’ve received a transfer authorisation code from your customer, it’s possible to transfer the domain name.

Transfer a domain name[Link]

In order to start a transfer:

  • click on ‘Transfers’ in the left menu.

  • You will see the new transfer screen immediately.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

You will have to enter all information for this domain name, like you would for a new registration. The system does not take over information from the old registrar. It is however possible to take over the registrant information in case of a change of registrar only. Please refer to the ‘new domain’ transaction for information about the corresponding fields.

As Transfer type you should pick the right action according to the status of the domain name (registered or quarantine).

When you are only doing a change of registrar, you can check the box ‘Re-use existing registrant’. The registration system will create a copy of the registrant object currently linked to the domain name. However, if you already have a contact object for your client, you should use that contact object. Don’t make the system create new contacts if they are not necessary!


When you transfer a domain name from the DNS Belgium registrar (e.g. after a court case), the new registrant must not contain DNS Belgium specific data (organisation name, phone, email). DNS Belgium will reject the transfer and return an error.

Your client should provide you with an authorisation code. A transfer can’t be done without one!

Then you have to submit the transaction. When the transaction has been executed successfully, the transfer of the domain name to your account is done immediately. The corresponding transaction cost is deducted from your account. Note that the transaction will fail if you have insufficient funds!

In case you checked ‘Re-use existing registrant’, the automatically created contact alias is shown in the next screen. Exactly the same registrant exists in the account of the ‘old’ registrar, although the content of this registrant is identical, the alias is not shared between registrars and a new alias is created.

A ‘Transfer from Quarantine’ can be initiated in the same way. Read more about transfers.