Number of revoked domain names in your portfolio, due to abuse or incorrect WHOIS data.

You should aim to minimize the number of revokes in your portfolio: this only causes overhead for both yourself and DNS Belgium. It may also indicate (a lot of) abuse in your portfolio. You can find benchmarks and a score for this metric.

Why is this important? A revoked domain is a potentially malicious domain. By keeping the number of revokes low, you help us keep the .be zone safe.


Your score (stars) and the average score of all registrars of your registrar category. 3 stars is the highest score, 0 stars the lowest. The score is based on the number of revoked domains in the last quarter versus your portfolio size by the end of that quarter. The slider indicates how far you are from the boundaries of your score.

How can you improve your score[Link]

Prevent the registration of malicious domains, take down malicious registrations as fast as possible. You can prevent the registration of malicious domains by checking contact details using address validation services, not allowing suspicious/unlikely addresses or manually validating contact details. When DNS Belgium or any other party notifies you of a malicious registration, it is of utmost importance to react as fast as possible to mitigate any further damage caused by the “anonymous” registrant.

Revokes per month[Link]

The total amount of revokes per 100.000 domain names per month. The number of domain names is calculated by the end of each month. Example: in September 200 domains of your portfolio were revoked. By the end of September, there were 80.000 domain names in your portfolio. Then the value for September is 200 / 80.000 * 100.000 = 2,5

Revokes per type[Link]

The total amount of revokes per type for the last quarter per 100.000 domain names. The number of domain names is calculated by the end of the quarter.

We distinguish 5 different types of revokes.

  • Fake web shop: website hosts website offering illegal merchandise, not shipping goods, … e.g., fake clothes web shop, fake pharma websites, machinery websites.

  • Incorrect contact data: registrant contact data is fake. The registrant did not update its contact details after 14 days’ notice of DNS Belgium.

  • Intellectual Property: website hosts contents with copyright infringements.

  • Phishing: domain name used for phishing. E.g.: more recently used for false COVID related domains.

  • Other: any other revoke, where none of the above is applicable.