Profile management and domain management[Link]

The following tables show the actions that can be performed via the web interface.

Registrar profile management[Link]

View registrar profile

View the registrar profile (administrative and official contact).

Update registrar profile

Update the administrative contact of the registrar account.

View and update EPP settings

View and update your EPP profile: EPP poll settings and allowed IP addresses to connect to our EPP server.

View and update e-mail addresses

View and update the e-mail addresses for your registrar account. This is DNS Belgium’s preferred way of contacting you.


Create, update and view users with access to the registrar site.


View transactions that have created hitpoints and unblock yourself if you have exceeded the limit.


Overview of the amount of domain names that will be renewed.

Overview invoices

View all issued invoices and credit notes.

Quota check

View your current quota and check whether you will be able to reach your quota with your current portfolio.

Domain management[Link]

Create contact

Create a contact: billing, technical, onsite or registrant.

Update contact

Modify the attributes of a contact.

Delete contact

Delete an existing contact.

Search contact

Search for a specific contact.

Create domain

Create a new domain name.

Clone domain

Create a new domain name with the same properties as an existing domain name.

Update domain

Modify the attributes of a domain name.

Delete domain

Delete an existing domain name from the .be database.

Reactivate domain

Restore a domain name to the same situation as before deletion.

Undelete domain

Undo the scheduled deletion of a domain name.

Transfer domain

Transfer a domain name to a different registrar and/or registrant.

Transfer from quarantine

Transfer a domain name to a different registrar and/or registrant when the domain name is in quarantine.

Search domain

Search for domain names.

Search transfer

Search for an executed transfer.

Request transfer code

Request a transfer code to transfer a domain name.

Create name server group

Create a name server group.

Update name server group

Modify the attributes of a name server group.

Delete name server group

Delete an existing name server group.

Search name server group

Search for a specific name server group.

Create key group

Create a key group.

Update key group

Modify the attributes of a key group.

Delete key group

Delete an existing key group.

Search key group

Search for a specific key group.


View the history of a domain name, contact, name server group or key group. View the transactions you’ve executed in a certain period and view the history of your registrar account.


Download reports on registrations, contacts, name server groups and key groups.