Support Cases[Link]

Number of support cases, triggered at DNS Belgium’s support department by your registrants.

We count all support cases that can be assigned to you, e.g.: a domain name of your portfolio, a contact of yours, an employee of yours etc.

Monthly Cases[Link]

Per month, the total number of support cases per 100.000 registrations. Registrations are calculated by the end of the month.


Number of support cases per day in a calendar. This can give you more insights on the date/period when a lot of support cases were created. E.g., during an outage of a reseller, always a lot of cases after a release, after holidays etc.


  • Abuse: complaints about SPAM, phishing/malware, terror.

  • Bad communication channel: resellers with questions which are for their registrars, registrar not reachable etc.

  • Bad follow-up: registrant did not receive Bad Whois mail, registrant is surprised his domain name was revoked, complaints (related to Bad Whois) about resellers.

  • Bounced emails: blacklisted registrant email addresses, bounces to registrar email addresses (communication, invoicing,…).

  • Documentation knowledge: questions from registrars about accounting, legal, CEPANI, documented procedures.

  • Incorrect contact data: complaints about contact data, questions about the Bad Whois procedure, algorithm that detected incorrect contact data, complains about resellers, registrars using own contact data for registrant details.

  • Overdue Payments: overdue payments of registrars.

  • Privacy: very rare. Privacy questions regarding specific domain names.

  • Rule violation: pollution of ADRIAN database (identical transactions not changing anything, high number of transactions), complaints about registrars.

  • Transfer: Questions about transfer codes, wrong email address, removing transfer lock, transfer from quarantine.