Key groups[Link]

It is possible to group several DNSSEC keys into one key group. This can facilitate the management of domain names and their DNSSEC keys.


In this section you can create a key group.

Create a new key group[Link]

To create a key group:

  • Click on ‘Key groups’ in the left menu.

  • Click ‘New’.

Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

The group name is a name of your choice.

You can add up to 4 keys to one group by clicking ‘New’ next to Keys. A pop-up screen will appear to ‘Add a DNSKEY’. The entries necessary for the keys, are available to you after you sign your own zone. You can enter the appropriate values here. When you click ‘Create’ in the pop-up screen, DNS Belgium will check your keys. If any of the fields are wrong, you will receive an error message. You can correct the relevant field immediately without having to enter all fields again.

After adding all the keys you want, click on the ‘Create’ button. You will then receive confirmation that the transaction was successful.


You need to find the key group before you can change it. This can be done via ‘search’ under the menu item ‘Key groups’.

After submitting your search, you will see a list of key groups matching your search criteria.

Choose the one you want to modify by clicking on its name.

To update the information of the key group, click on ‘Update’, make the appropriate changes and submit it as in the creation of a new name server group.


Find the key group via search key groups.

To delete it, click on ‘Delete’, sign the transaction and submit it.

Key groups that are still linked to a domain name cannot be deleted.

If you want to know to which domain name(s) the key group is still linked, you can return to the key group view and click on ‘Connected domain names’.