My registrations[Link]

‘My registrations’ is the web-based interface to access the DNS Belgium database, either to create, update or delete a domain name, a contact or registrar information.

Although ‘My registrations’ basically offers the same functionalities as the EPP interface, it has some extra possibilities that are related to the nature of an interactive application. It is e.g. possible to navigate through the application as each object in the system is in itself a pointer to the detailed information of that object. The web interface also offers many more query possibilities. When searching for an object in the web interface, you can use wildcards: ‘_’ for a single character, ‘%’ for multiple characters.

‘My registrations’ also allows you to configure specific options such as the IP addresses that can be used to access the EPP interface and access different campaign parameters to be set to reflect your specific needs.

Depending on the permissions granted to your user ID, some of the menu items below will (not) be available to you.

You will find ‘My registrations’ on