Protected transactions[Link]

DNS Belgium wants to protect the registry system from possible errors made on the registrar’s side. We also want to protect the registrar from scripts running astray or hackers abusing his account and causing him to ramp up very high costs. For these reasons, we have implemented a protected transactions threshold. The transactions counted for the threshold are either billable transactions or have a direct effect on the portfolio of the registrar. Only successful transactions are counted.

The following transactions are counted for the protected transactions threshold:

  • Create domain

  • Renew domain

  • Delete domain

  • Domain transfer request

  • Domain restore request

The threshold is set to 100 for each registrar. When the threshold is reached, it’s no longer possible to do any of the above transactions until midnight UTC. The EPP server will return a 2308 error with reason “No protected transactions allowed until [datetime].” Other transactions are still possible. The threshold can be reset by DNS Belgium after contact with the registrar to verify that no ill use was in progress.

The threshold can be changed per-registrar by DNS Belgium on demand of the registrar (e.g. for the period of a campaign).

The registrar can see the threshold and its current counter on the Registrar web.