The registry system uses a post-pay billing system. The registrar can use the registry system without limitations (within the bounds of the protected transactions threshold) and will receive an invoice for the billable transactions of the current month at the beginning of the next month.

The following transactions will be invoiced:

  • Create domain

  • Renew domain

  • Auto-renew domain

  • Renew after transfer

  • Domain restore request

The following transactions will be refunded:

  • Delete during Add Grace (if the Add Grace Period Limits Policy isn’t exceeded)

  • Delete during Transfer Grace

  • Delete during Renew Grace

  • Delete during Auto-renew Grace

  • Approved transfer during Auto-renew Grace

DNS Belgium aims to send out the invoices as soon as possible, but they cannot be sent before the end of the month to be billed.

The registrar will need to provide a billing contact at the start of his contract with DNS Belgium. If the billing contact changes, this should be communicated to our support staff. The registrar may also create a user with the finance role for the billing contact, so they can review the billing lines on the registrar web.

Invoices are only sent electronically.