Domain contacts[Link]

As a registrar, you can create contacts in the system. Contacts don’t have a predetermined role, they are given a role from their association to the domain object. One contact can fulfil each role.

A domain object should have at least one contact of type registrant, at least one contact of type admin, and at least one contact of type technical. In total, a domain object may have a maximum of 10 contacts. The contact of type billing is not supported.

The use of external contacts is not allowed, i.e. it is not allowed to use contacts created by another registrar. This means that contacts will be cloned automatically after a successful transfer. See also the section on transfers. Cloned contacts are given a new contact ID starting with ‘clone’, therefore it’s not allowed to create contacts with contact IDs starting with ‘clone’.

It is possible to see the info of an external contact via EPP by doing an <info-contact> transaction with the authInfo of one of its associated domains.

Registrar contacts[Link]

As a registrar, you should create some registrar specific contacts:

  • Technical contact

  • Administrative contact

  • Abuse contact

Initially, these contacts are created with the information you provide to DNS Belgium. You can update these contacts on your public profile in the Web interface.