Renew domain[Link]

The renew domain command extends the registration period of a domain object.

16.1 Input data[Link]


Occurrence min-max




The fully qualified domain name to be renewed.



The default renewal period is one year.

If the period element is provided it must use unit=’y’ and the requested years must be between 1 and 10 inclusive.

16.2 Prerequisites[Link]

  • Client must be authorized to renew the domain (only the sponsoring registrar is allowed to renew the domain).

  • The domain name must exist.

  • Naming conventions must be followed.

  • Required elements must be provided.

  • Protected transactions threshold must not be reached.

  • clientRenewProhibited/serverRenewProhibited must not be set.

  • curExpDate must be correct.

  • The renew period does not extend the registration period beyond the maximum registration period of 10 years.

16.3 Transformations[Link]

The expiration date of the domain name is changed accordingly and a billing line is created. If the domain name was in a grace period, this period is ended. The domain name enters the renew grace period.