Check domain[Link]

The check domain command can be used to determine if a domain object can be provisioned in the registry.

Input data[Link]


Occurrence min-max




The fully qualified domain name must be used. The U-label or the A-label may be used.


  • The number of domain names to be checked must be between 1 and 5 inclusive.

  • The naming policy for domain names must be respected.


This command does not apply any transformations to registry objects.

Response details[Link]

In case the command was successful, the response contains an “avail” attribute with value “true” or “false”. In case of “false”, the reason element will contain the reason why the object can’t be provisioned. Possible reasons are:

  • Registered

  • Reserved

  • Invalid

In case of an IDN domain name, the response will contain the A-label.