EPP basics[Link]

DNS Belgium follows the RFCs relating to EPP. Following decisions have been made where the RFCs give a choice:

  • The EPP server only accepts utf-8 character encoding.

  • The EPP server offers contact and domain objects.

  • Domain names must include the TLD (e.g. “example.brussels”).

  • Newly created domain names are active immediately.

  • “Host attributes” must be used in domains.

  • dsData must be used for the implementation of DNSSEC. Using Keydata will result in an error.

  • External hosts do not allow for IP addresses, while internal hosts (below the TLD) require at least one IP address (glue record).

  • In domain objects, exactly one registrant, and at least one tech and admin contact is required. The contact type billing is not supported.

  • In contact objects, we accept both “type=int” and “type=loc” fields. If you want to use non-ASCII characters in the address of your contact, you should use “type=loc”.

  • Contact objects require an empty authInfo element on creation.

  • Contact transfers are not supported.

  • Domain names can be created without references to hosts – however, this also means such domains are not included in the DNS.

  • Domain transfer requests require the authInfo of the respective domain object.

  • Domain Transfers are auto-approved after 5 days (or, 5 minutes on the sandbox system), but can also be

    • approved or rejected by the losing registrar.

    • cancelled by the gaining registrar.