The EPP GUI has a standard configuration file. The values in this file can be overwritten by your own configuration file. There are 2 ways to declare your configuration file:

  1. Name the file “” and put it in your home folder.

  2. Choose a name and location yourself and set the variable by executing “export EPP_GUI_CONFIG=/tmp/” via command-line.

A complete configuration file could look like this:,



Following parameters can be set in the configuration file:

  • server.hostname: comma-separated list of hostnames, they will appear as a drop-down list in the host field of the EPP GUI.

  • server.port: default port for the EPP server.

  • timeout: If your session or socket is idle for the period indicated here (in milliseconds), a connection timeout message will be shown in the Output section.

  • trust.keystore.file: path to a Java Keystore that contains trusted certificates. Use this if you need to override the default Java truststore. This should not be necessary, as the default truststore ensures secure communication with the DNS Belgium EPP servers.

  • trust.keystore.password: the password to the keystore file.

  • feature.haProxyEnabled: true or false, HAProxy configuration available in the interface.

  • feature.sslOptionsEnabled: true or false, SSL options configuration available in the interface.