DNS Belgium status page[Link]

In the event of an incident, you can receive prompt notifications via email, guiding you to our status page where detailed information about the incident and its impact is available. Our status page not only provides updates but also maintains a history of incidents for your reference, accessible for 90 days.

You need to subscribe to our statuspage at https://status.dnsbelgium.be/

Services overview[Link]

DNS Belgium website[Link]

Provides an overview of our website’s status and functionalities, including options for checking domain name availability, requesting domain transfer codes, accessing domain registration certificates, and facilitating communication with domain name owners.


Offers a comprehensive overview of our .be registration platform, providing detailed insights into key services such as our EPP Service, My Registrations, WHOIS/DAS Services, and DNS service. This includes functionalities such as zonefile generation and monitoring the status of our authoritative nameserver clusters.


Offers a thorough overview of the gTLD registration platform status, containing key components like the EPP server, Registrar panel, and RDAP/WHOIS/DAS service. Additionally, our DNS service provides essential functionalities such as zonefile generation and ongoing monitoring of authoritative nameserver clusters.

Services states[Link]

The following table outlines different states that a system or service can experience, along with their corresponding descriptions. These states range from normal operational conditions to various levels of disruption or unavailability.




The system or service is functioning as intended, meeting performance standards, and available for users without any disruptions.

Degraded performance

The system or service is experiencing issues that result in reduced functionality or slower performance compared to normal operations.

Partial outage

A portion of the system or service is unavailable, impacting some users or functionalities while others may still be operational.

Major outage

The system or service is completely unavailable, affecting all users and functionalities, resulting in a significant disruption.

Under maintenance

The system or service is temporarily offline for planned maintenance activities aimed at improving performance or resolving issues.