Website Content[Link]

We have a domain crawler that checks whether there is a website associated with a domain name. If there is a website, the crawler also checks whether there is content on it or not.

Based on those results, we classify each domain name into one of the following website categories.

  • No content: This occurs when our domain crawler does not detect website content or the website simply cannot be reached. This can be explained by the lack of name servers, a refused connection, a time-out,…

  • Low content: This is the case when our domain crawler hits error pages, holding pages, under construction pages,…

  • High content: All other pages, all including website content.

Disclaimer: the DNS Belgium low/high content classifier is not perfect. Some websites may be classified as low content while it is a high content website or vice versa. We are continuously improving the crawler.

History: how content-rich are .be websites?[Link]

Shows per visit of the crawler, the proportion of high vs. low vs. no content.

High content benchmark[Link]

For the last crawl of this quarter, shows a benchmark of the proportion of high content websites.