Outgoing vs. Incoming transfers[Link]

Evolution of the .be TLD in your portfolio.

Creates and incoming transfers lead to growth. Decline is caused by deletes or outgoing transfers. You can see an overview of the most popular source or destination registrars for your transfers. This might give you an insight in the cause for these transfers.


This chart shows the evolution of all outgoing (delete and transfer out) and incoming (create and transfer in) transactions of the last year. You can compare specific transaction types by clicking the transactions in the legend.

Net transfers[Link]

Note: a full list of all transfers including date and losing and winning registrar can be found in the raw data.

Top 5 outgoing net transfers[Link]

Gives insights in which registrars you lost the most business to in the last quarter.

Top 5 incoming net transfers[Link]

Gives insights in from which registrars you gained the most business from in the last quarter.