Importance of registrant’s e-mail address[Link]

It is clear from the above procedure that it is very important to have a correct e-mail address for the registrant. It is the responsibility of the registrar to keep the database up to date. If we receive a complaint concerning a registrar who is apparently refusing to update the registrant’s e-mail address (or at least completely ignoring such a request from the registrant), DNS Belgium will:

  1. Investigate the complaint and contact the registrar to find out about his motives for not updating the e-mail address of the registrant;

  2. If the motives of the registrar are not convincing (or not communicated at all), DNS Belgium will instruct the registrar to proceed with the requested update within the next 48 hours;

  3. If the registrar does not comply within this timeframe, DNS Belgium will update the e-mail address directly and will charge the registrar the costs of the entire operation.

DNS Belgium keeps a record of the complaints we receive about the refusal of updating important data. If we notice that we are receiving regular complaints about a particular registrar, DNS Belgium can hold that registrar in breach of contract.