When a domain name is available, the end user can look for a registrar to register the domain name.

At first, the end user sees randomly 6 registrars with their logos and potentially a short description. When the end user clicks on a logo, he or she is sent to the sales page of the registrars’ website where the domain name is already filled in. If the end user wants to see more options, it’s possible to expand the list of logos to all participating registrars. Finally, the end user can still go to the entire list of registrars where no logos are shown. Here, you can filtering on registrars is done according to country and/or tld. The result list is ordered alphabetically, but can be reversed if needed.

Every registrar can appear in the random list with their logo. To do so, you’ll need to provide the following things:

  • a working link:

    • for at least one language (Dutch, French and/or English)

    • Following keys can be used in the link:

      • ${domain}

      • ${domain_without_tld}

      • ${tld}

    • Examples:

      • https://www.thebestregistrar.be/register-your-domain/${domain}

      • https://order.thebestregistrar.com/?tld=${tld}&domain=${domain_without_tld}

  • a logo:

    • png or jpeg format

    • transparent background

    • preferably 220x55px (or a multiple)

    • no whitespace at the edges

  • short personal bio:

    • maximum 100 characters

    • description of services, where available

    • no promotional messages

    • no reference to competitors

For more information, you can send an e-mail to registrars@dnsbelgium.be.